Most pages in your photo album require a structured formal presentation to highlight your photography and the subject matter. However, a page or two of more randomized, casual shots can add some fun to your albums. AutoCollage and AutoJumble allow you to make such pages in seconds.

AutoCollage combined with AutoJumble is a great way to use up all those “extra” images. Candid moments from an event – dining, dancing, social mixers – can be quickly added to a single side, juxaposed with more formal presentation of a featured photo on the other.

Simply add a collection of photos to your page – we suggest seven or more for best effect. Select the AutoCollage tool then apply a collage to either side or the entire spread (respecting or ignoring the gutter). Your images will be positioned in a best-fit grouping within your margins. If you don’t care for the results, reapply the collage to re-randomize it. All elements on the page can be tweaked – pan or zoom individual images, or swap image positions manually. Play with the spacing tool as well, to create a collage with zero-inset or even overlapped images.

AutoCollages can be resized as a group. Try resizing and repositioning a group to a region on your page. You can even rotate the group for added effect.

Add more whimsy to your album page with the AutoJumble tool. Your images will be randomly but realistically rotated as if they were casually thrown on your page. Apply the effect on a per side or one both sides of your page. Control the amount of rotation variance as well, to achieve a more subtle or more dramatic effect.

Visit our Knowledge Base to find out more about AutoCollage

Visit our Knowledge Base to find out more about AutoJumble