3108, 2023

Style for Photo Album with Memento Pro

Photo Album Style Example

Dive into the world of Memento Pro, where sophisticated design meets intuitive use. This video demonstrates how you can select the perfect style to boost customer satisfaction, craft a distinctive look with ease, and restyle your entire book with just a click. Tailored by experts for professionals, Memento Pro ensures that your design process is both smooth and impactful. Join us on this journey and redefine your design experience.

1708, 2023

Memento Pro Upcoming News

We know we’ve been quiet lately, but we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes. Exciting news is on the horizon!

MementoPix is gearing up to unveil a fresh, updated version of Memento Pro.

Stay tuned, big reveal is coming soon!

Thank you for your continued support and patience!

2403, 2021

Design tips

 #1: Tell a story

You’ve shot an event, so think chronologically.
Use Memento’s timeline mode to auto-arrange photos into layouts in sequence.
Let your client experience their special day all over again in your album, still pictures in sequence to tell their story.

#2: Less is more

Only use your best photos in your album.
Keep ‘em big and bold – don’t overload pages with a pile of little pictures.
Two or three photos per spread maximized the impact, and let’s your client know why they hired a pro to make them look good.

#3: Keep it simple


2403, 2021

Timeline mode: Revolutionize your photo albums production

How it works
Quick-click your photos into separate page groupings based on the event’s natural flow – it’s like editing a film of your special event into scenes. Simply show Memento Pro where the splits should happen: fully designed layouts instantly appear, showcasing your photography while recounting the story of your special event.

Invest your time wisely and build albums the smarter way!

How to build a photo album the traditional way

  • Spend over an hour sorting your collection of photos: rank them, separate them into folders, rename each file to split up events, etc.
  • Import the photos into the software, displaying them by date/time.
  • Drag photos onto pages in small groups OR use an autotool to dump photos onto pages strictly by date/time
2403, 2021

Layout Preview

All your available layout options in one convenient view

How it works
Apply photos to your page – drag-and-drop, use album wizard or timeline mode, or use the layout randomizer – however you prefer to create your pages.
Click on the new layout preview icon over your workspace – a sidebar window will appear to show you all available layout options for the current number of images on your canvas.

To apply a layout to your page, click on it – it’s as simple as that.

Best yet, the layouts are previewed with your photos in place. You’ll even see your higher ranks photos in larger frames. The layouts will change to show you the right amount of frames – add another photo

2403, 2021

Enhanced ways to work with images

Add and edit photos on demand
How it works
If you need to add a few more images to your project, there’s no need to go back to the Photo tab to add them to your collection.
You can drag new images directly from your computer’s file manager to a layout. Once on your page, the images will automatically be added to your collection. There’s no need to navigate through multi-levels of folders to get to that one special photo missed in your first pass.
This is an ideal method to access custom collections of decorations that you may have on your system. Keep your file manager opened, then drag your background textures and personal clipart onto your pages
2403, 2021


Powerful image spacing control

Consistency is the key to professional photo album design. Memento Pro lets you build photo albums with consistent margins, printer’s guidelines and inter-image spacing, without limiting your ability to customize your pages.

When you start an album, choose from among preset product sizes that will set your margins, safe and bleed guidelines for all pages. Apply custom margins to the top, bottom, edge and gutter of your pages to achieve a personalized look. Once you apply photos into a layout on your pages, the layouts will respect your margins and guidelines. There’s no need to individually position photos on your page. Measured application of guidelines on all pages ensures ensures consistent results across your pages, avoiding

2403, 2021

Decorations: Embellish your albums

The trend towards minimalist photo albums has not wained in the past years. Pro-photographers seek to highlight their imaging skills rather than cluttering their pages with scrapbook-style arrangements. However, an elegant decoration or two applied thematically to your albums can truly make them stand out.

While some picture album software includes a hodge-podge of graphics often sold as add-on packs, Memento Pro includes a select and unique collection of decorations that respond with your styling choices. Located in the Photo Collection area, choose among several dozen classic, elegant embellishments for your pages. Should you apply a new style preset to your page, the decorations will automatically update to your match the color scheme of your page.

What’s included?
A collection of


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