310, 2018

The Perils of Overprocessing

Limit your pre-layout image management to keep your options open. Save time too! Don't pre-crop your images:  Keep your images [...]

907, 2018

New, Improved Layout Formats

Photo albums come in all shapes and sizes. To better accommodate longer or narrower album formats, Memento Pro has added new layouts [...]

2806, 2018

Creating a companion book

Help your bride and groom give the gift of memory to the people who helped create their very special day. Bridal [...]

806, 2018

Video tutorial: Album design made easy

For most portrait photographers, the time investment required to build an elegant wedding album has not been proportional to the revenues generated by the sale of product.

2205, 2018

PSD Export

EXPORT TO LAYERED PSD FILES More control, more power Not sure what images will make it [...]