Most albums are built to tell a story – a wedding book that start in the bridal boudoir and finishes with the happy couple’s get-away car, for instance, or a travel album that follow your trip’s progress.

Sorting images by time/date stamp helps to build your album faster, allowing you to use album layout automation tools. However, ensuring that the pages are cleanly organized on a thematic basis was still a bit of a manual process: you don’t want to have cake cutting photos mixed on the first dance photos, even if the events ran back-to-back chronologically. Automated album production still required a bit of manual intervention to correctly break up events into their separate layouts… but not any more!

Memento Pro’s Version 2 release will feature a powerful new tool to speed up event-based album production: Timeline Mode.

Timeline mode displays your images chronologically in a photo collection pane, allowing you to quick-click your photos into separate page groupings. Pages based on these groupings are automatically transferred onto fully designed layouts. Simply show Memento where the split should happen – layouts instantly appear, even respecting your image ratings to get best image placement on your pages. You’ll have a completely organized album divided by events, chronologically, in just a few minutes. No more pre-sorting, cutting & pasting, or manual drag-and-drop.

Build your albums better than ever before in Timeline Mode. New in Memento Pro Version 2.0.