2403, 2021

Image Editing Simplified

The Memento Pro advantage

You could use a tool requiring an advanced degree in design, spending hours building albums on a page-by-page basis, wasting your valuable time to create photo products for your customers instead of generating more business behind the camera. Or you could build albums and other products in a powerful Photoshop alternative that offers all the benefits of non-destructive editing without compromising your creative choices.

Memento Pro offers a non-destructive resolution-independent environment so your final product is always the quality you require. Low-resolution proof documents and high-resolution finalized renders are created immediately from a single project file. You can resize an entire album in one click, out of ratio – all the images

2403, 2021


Customize styling in one click

Memento Pro album design software gives you an array of power tools to get your images onto pages in full layouts in the quickest possible manner. If you want to go that extra step to customize your album design, Memento makes that easy too.

Style presets bundle attribute sets for image and text frames, background colors and shapes into one quick-click application. You can restyle a single page or an entire book, setting photos to black & white or sepia, changing frame border widths and colors, updating text fonts and sizes, and applying a background color. Simply click on the style swatch of your choice, and watch your page automatically update to

2403, 2021


Create a slideshow of your best images packaged in a custom layout to send to your prospective clients or share on social media.
Update your project as often as you like with new photos and layouts so your newest and best work is featured. Simply reupload and share the new link
Slideshows present your work as 150 DPI resolution jpg renders of your spreads, uploaded directly to the cloud
Once published, you’ll receive an email with the custom link to the project. The uploads last for 90 days and are free with your Memento subscription.
They can be viewed on any browser on any device.
The auto-transition frame rate is customisable and you can add a custom background color to complement your designs.

Present your portraiture clientele with a custom

2403, 2021


When you want to share your work with current or prospective clients without soliciting their direct feedback, web albums are the way to go.
Create a web album of your best work to share on social media or on your website.
Web albums present your work as 150 DPI resolution jpg renders uploaded to the cloud.
Set a custom background color to complement your designs. Once published, you’ll receive an email with the custom link to the project.
Follow the link to flip through the pages on any browser on any device. The uploads last for 90 days and are free with your Memento subscription.
Update your project as often as you like with new photos and layouts so your newest and best work is featured. Just update the

2403, 2021


Not sure what images will make it into the album? Why waste time color correcting or fine-tune editing the originals, when you can make the changes after your project has been laid out?
Memento Pro allows you to export your albums directly to psd format.
Once rendered, you can open the layouts in Photoshop where you will find every element on your page saved to a separate selectable layer.
You can target individual photos for retouching easily.
PSD export is also useful for album manufacturers requiring this format, or photo retouching services offering color correction services. Collect your rendered psd files into a zip compressed package and transmit them to the end recipient. You won’t need to bother packaging up individual image files and

2403, 2021

AutoCollage & AutoJumble

Most pages in your photo album require a structured formal presentation to highlight your photography and the subject matter. However, a page or two of more randomized, casual shots can add some fun to your albums. AutoCollage and AutoJumble allow you to make such pages in seconds.

AutoCollage combined with AutoJumble is a great way to use up all those “extra” images. Candid moments from an event – dining, dancing, social mixers – can be quickly added to a single side, juxaposed with more formal presentation of a featured photo on the other.

Simply add a collection of photos to your page – we suggest seven or more for best effect. Select the AutoCollage tool then apply a collage to either

2403, 2021

Get ready for wedding season – order a new sample book!

Let’s start with a simple fact: sample books sell your services. Don’t miss out on new clients who aren’t familiar with your work.

Have a sample album or two available for consultations with your potential clients. Show them a high-value printed version of your work – you’ll increase the chances of being booked by demonstrating end results. Once booked, these customers are more likely to choose a value-added package including prints and albums. Show it to them, they’ll want it – trust us!

if you are starting out, the cost of sample albums may seem high, but marketing efforts will pay for themselves in the short term. Clients may not know what they want until they see it.

Provide them with package

2403, 2021

Creating a companion book

Help your bride and groom give the gift of memory to the people who helped create their very special day.
Bridal party gift albums are a breeze when you use Memento Pro. You’ve invested your time in designing the couple’s high end album, so why not repurpose for it for reprinting in smaller or soft cover version thank you gifts?

Open your wedding album, and save it under a new name.
Under Settings, update your album product.  Ideally keep your choice to a similar aspect ratio – keep square format albums square, or landscape books at the same orientation.
Once you’ve applied the new album settings, Memento Pro will automatically fit your layouts into the new format.

Do a quick check to make sure

2403, 2021

New, Improved Layout Formats

Photo albums come in all shapes and sizes. To better accommodate longer or narrower album formats, Memento Pro has added new layouts to suit these styles.
You’ll find a better range of options when applying layouts to books with a 3:1 landscape ratio, or a 1:2 portrait ratio. Your photos will shine in layouts specifically built for a-typical album styles.
imilarly, squarer pages with large top-bottom or side margins will benefit from these new format layouts. Photos will fit better within the layout region – no more elongated image frames that need to be re-proportioned.

2403, 2021

Dress to impress: new decorations for your albums

Make a statement without any effort! Memento Pro has just added new, exciting decorations to its ever-growing collection.
As always, these smart decorations will auto-adjust to your album’s style. Change the color scheme, and the decorations will follow suit.

Check out the new overlays, including ever-popular bokeh effects to give your layous extra (lens) flare and sparkle.
You’ll find more border lines in a hand-drawn sketch style, perfect for rustic weddings or family albums.
For a more whimsical or edgy look, we’ve added an extensive collection of paint splatter and brush stroke effects.

Give your clients the personalization they crave with Memento Pro.


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