Help your bride and groom give the gift of memory to the people who helped create their very special day.
Bridal party gift albums are a breeze when you use Memento Pro. You’ve invested your time in designing the couple’s high end album, so why not repurpose for it for reprinting in smaller or soft cover version thank you gifts?

Open your wedding album, and save it under a new name.
Under Settings, update your album product.  Ideally keep your choice to a similar aspect ratio – keep square format albums square, or landscape books at the same orientation.
Once you’ve applied the new album settings, Memento Pro will automatically fit your layouts into the new format.

Do a quick check to make sure the new smaller format has adapted perfectly – is text still at a 11-12 point legible size? Do photos on collage-style pages seem a little too small now?
You can also customize the album if you want – maybe add a few more candid-style shots of the bridesmaids, or add more pics of mom & dad for the parents.

Re-render your project, and submit it to your printing company of choice. It’s that easy – twice the amount of sellable product for the smallest of time investments.

Build more albums, better with Memento Pro.