For an extra special service touch, offer your clients a proof book.
Proof books are a great way help your clients with the photo selection process. They can confidently choose photos for their album or to order prints.

Be sure to offer them an array of your very BEST photos from their session – don’t overwhelm them with choice.

  1. Select the Proof book tile on the Projects tab
  2. Choose the album dimensions then add photos to the project’s collection
  3. In the Book Editor, click on the Wizard Icon to launch the Proof Book wizard.
  4. First, add the title to be displayed at the top of every page, and the text to watermark your photos, if desired. These options can be left blank if you want to keep it simple.
  5. Select the number of photos to display per page.
  6. Choose to show file names under each image. We recommend this option – you’ll be able to talk to your client more easily if you’ve named the photos.
  7. Decide how the images will be flown in the book. Choose Mixed orientation to combine portrait and landscape images on the same page. Or choose to group the portrait  images first, followed by landscape…or vice versa.
  8. Last, choose the sorting options – by File date/Time or File name.
  9. Apply a style to simply give your proofbook a custom look
  10. Once you’ve completed the book, you can use the Memento Review App to send the project to your client. For a more detailed view, render a pdf file, and send it to them by email or file transfer service. If you really want to impress, get the book printed.