The trend towards minimalist photo albums has not wained in the past years. Pro-photographers seek to highlight their imaging skills rather than cluttering their pages with scrapbook-style arrangements. However, an elegant decoration or two applied thematically to your albums can truly make them stand out.

While some picture album software includes a hodge-podge of graphics often sold as add-on packs, Memento Pro includes a select and unique collection of decorations that respond with your styling choices. Located in the Photo Collection area, choose among several dozen classic, elegant embellishments for your pages. Should you apply a new style preset to your page, the decorations will automatically update to your match the color scheme of your page.

What’s included?
A collection of decorative lines will serve as delicate punctuation marks under your pages.
Vintage labels can add rustic appeal to your cover and photo captions.
Lace appliques double for classic wedding ornaments or funkier mandalla style graphics for portraiture work.
Classic flourishes can be used as small corner embellishments or larger canvas-sized decorations.
Half-tones provide modern graphic flair to your pages.
Overlays add depth and sparkle over and behind your images.