Add and edit photos on demand
How it works
If you need to add a few more images to your project, there’s no need to go back to the Photo tab to add them to your collection.
You can drag new images directly from your computer’s file manager to a layout. Once on your page, the images will automatically be added to your collection. There’s no need to navigate through multi-levels of folders to get to that one special photo missed in your first pass.
This is an ideal method to access custom collections of decorations that you may have on your system. Keep your file manager opened, then drag your background textures and personal clipart onto your pages – you won’t need to add it to your photo collection at the start of the project, giving you the flexibility to make choices on the fly.
We’ve also added direct access editing to your professional photo editing software. If you notice that some fine-tune editing is required outside of general image effects, you can launch a photo directly from the Memento Pro canvas to you photo editing software of choice.
Access this option from the image’s general menu icon after you select it. Once you’ve pointed it to your photo editor software, the image will launch in the editor. As soon as you save the photo after your edits, it will redraw itself your project’s layout. No need to wait for a refresh or reload the project to see the changes.
Most of the effects you would apply in your professional photo editing software can be applied non-destructively to your photos directly in Memento Pro. Cropping effects, filters, adjustments to color, brightness and contrast all can be added or turned off in a quick click or two, without ever touching your original source image. However, there are times when you do need to touch the actual pixels in your images – blemish removals, detailed white balancing, etc. Memento Pro lets you directly access your editing software of choice to instantly update photos. As soon as changes are saved in your editor, the image will refresh on your Memento Pro layout with no further action.