Let’s start with a simple fact: sample books sell your services. Don’t miss out on new clients who aren’t familiar with your work.

Have a sample album or two available for consultations with your potential clients. Show them a high-value printed version of your work – you’ll increase the chances of being booked by demonstrating end results. Once booked, these customers are more likely to choose a value-added package including prints and albums. Show it to them, they’ll want it – trust us!

if you are starting out, the cost of sample albums may seem high, but marketing efforts will pay for themselves in the short term. Clients may not know what they want until they see it.

Provide them with package choices – larger and smaller books, hard cover and soft cover. Suggest a classic formal album for the couple, and smaller consumer-quality keepsake books for their bridal party. They’ll love the personalized touch you can offer them.

Here are a few more tips & tricks…

  • You don’t have to build a full 40+ page album from a single wedding. Use only your best showcase photos to make a demo album with 20 or so pages.
  • Demonstrate stylistic diversity, so your couple can pick what suits their tastes. Let them know you are build this product specifically for them.
  • Get sample albums from more than one manufacturer if possible. Present cover options – metal, acrylic, leather etc., but highlight the more expensive version for a better perceived value.
  • Bigger is better: get larger albums. Bigger impact equals more sales.
    Present smaller companion albums as add-ons for bridal party gifts.
  • Keep the layouts simple – showcase your photography skills. It’s not a scrapbook or a demonstration of photo layout effects.
  • Use timeless colors and styles you are proud to show as your own. If the customer wants something different, they may suggest it, but don’t encourage them to choose a style you don’t appreciate.
  • When creating more than one album, be sure to make each unique. Choose different wedding shoots or at least different locations. If you shoot weddings from multiple cultural traditions, show off your adaptability. If the client keeps seeing the same photos, same poses, and same venues over and over, they might get suspicious that you may not be flexible to their needs.
  • Albums are not only for weddings. Add engagement sessions, family portraits, seniors, babies, bar mitvahs and quinceanera to the mix. Maybe your couple is there to book a wedding today, but other milestones will come, so suggesting a long-term relationship early in the game can only help future bookings.