Design alternative layouts with extra or featured images. Encourage your clients to add a few extra pages to the album they’ve already purchased: make collage pages of unused images, or special featured featured image double-spreads. Maybe that 20 page album turns into 30 or 40 pages…

No album in their chosen package? Generate one in seconds using the album wizard. Show them just-how-AMAZING a keepsake they are missing.
If they’ve purchased a single album, suggest companion albums for their family and bridal party. Do a quick album redesign to focus on the bridesmaids or groomsmen, or retool your pages to create a special family-focused album. Resize to fit a smaller, less expensive album. They won’t be able to resist such a personalized gift opportunity.

Present a collage of candid shots, group dancing, outtakes and bloopers – the photos that may normally get left behind. Your clients will be delighted, and you’ll have one more frameable print to sell for a casual, personal approach to their big day. Or make a simple layout of their portrait session and present it as a large-print item. You will be surprised how the perceived value of a large print is much higher that regular printed photos. It’s not just photos, it’s art!