The Memento Pro advantage

You could use a tool requiring an advanced degree in design, spending hours building albums on a page-by-page basis, wasting your valuable time to create photo products for your customers instead of generating more business behind the camera. Or you could build albums and other products in a powerful Photoshop alternative that offers all the benefits of non-destructive editing without compromising your creative choices.

Memento Pro offers a non-destructive resolution-independent environment so your final product is always the quality you require. Low-resolution proof documents and high-resolution finalized renders are created immediately from a single project file. You can resize an entire album in one click, out of ratio – all the images and text follow the new album dimensions.
Images can be dynamically resized and recropped on your pages without ever affecting the source image file. Use the same image multiple times in the same project, applying it as a background image with filtered effects in one instance, splitting it into a mosaic in another. You can always undo any changes you’ve made, resetting the photo to full-frame without effects. Don’t waste time in your image editing software making size and color variations, when you can panzoom, and crop images on the fly. Create taylor-made pages without the fuss!
Personalize your photos without needing to undo previous changes. Apply the image filter effects similar to those found in Photoshop. Blend photos into their backgrounds with gradient edges and background filters. Apply borders with different edge effects in a click or two. No more sifting through buried menu items or launching images into separate tools – all the options are at your fingertips, with what-you-see-is-what-you-get effects applied directly on your canvas.
Text frames resize and update dynamically in this powerful alternative to Photoshop. Simply drag the frame handles to resize and reshape text frames to fit your layout. You’ll be able to make creative page titles and captions with little effort. There’s no more layers to copy or deep menu options to expose. Click on any item on your canvas, all the options available to it are highlighted. Copy/paste to recycle the frame settings with new content without dealing with layers. You can use Memento’s style presets to keep your look consistent – no more per-menu presets to deal with.

Better than PSD Templates
Some “pros” recycle a set of psd templates to speed up album creation. Wouldn’t you rather create personalized products for your clients based on their unique needs?  Templates set image position in stone, and recustomizing them to fit your images takes more time than building from scratch. Photo orientation, the number of images you need to place on a page, and photo cropping is all predetermined.  Furthermore, Photoshop template packs can cost a pretty penny.

Wouldn’t you rather have a system that let your immediate needs dictate your options?  Don’t be caught in a time warp, using the same cookie-cutter templates over and over again. Memento Pro lets you edit your layouts dynamically: apply new layouts instantly until you find the one that best suits your photos. You don’t need to worry about losing resolution or re-importing photos into your software because they were cropped or flattened with effects on them. Build an instant collage, or automatically set your best images to be featured. Simple changes don’t require a fresh start. You’ll keep track of which images you’ve used and the number of times they appear in your project. A Photoshop template can’t track image use across a multi-page album project.

Choose Memento Pro – you’ll get the results you need with minimal investment in training, with no add-on purchases.