All your available layout options in one convenient view

How it works
Apply photos to your page – drag-and-drop, use album wizard or timeline mode, or use the layout randomizer – however you prefer to create your pages.
Click on the new layout preview icon over your workspace – a sidebar window will appear to show you all available layout options for the current number of images on your canvas.

To apply a layout to your page, click on it – it’s as simple as that.

Best yet, the layouts are previewed with your photos in place. You’ll even see your higher ranks photos in larger frames. The layouts will change to show you the right amount of frames – add another photo or two, and the available options will update in the preview window to display your new options.

As always, your layouts are completely customizable after application, so you can make final tweaks to get it just right – recrop your photos, apply changes to your margins and and spacing, add image effects and page styling, just as you like it.

When you change the view to a different page, the layout previews update, so you always see your options with all your photos in place. It’s an effective alternative to the layout randomizer, allowing you to make a conscious choice for your page.

If you navigate to a page with no photos or layouts – you’ll see the entire layout collection in the preview window. Add an empty layout, and you’ll narrow the options to the layouts with the same number of image frames.

It’s easier to make decisions about what looks best for your photos when you see them in place, already in a layout. Instant inspiration is yours in the layout preview window.

Keep the layout preview opened so you can see new photo layout options at a glance. Conveniently, you can move this to a second monitor to maximize your Memento Pro workspace. You can keep sampling layouts until you get it just right. There’s no one-way trips in Memento Pro.