Tell a story


You’ve shot an event, so think chronologically. Use Memento’s timeline mode to auto-arrange photos into layouts in sequence. Let your client experience their special day all over again in your album, still pictures in sequence to tell their story.

Less is more


Only use your best photos in your album.

Keep ‘em big and bold – don’t overload pages with a pile of little pictures.

Two or three photos per spread maximized the impact, and let’s your client know why they hired a pro to make them look good.

Keep it simple


Set a style for your entire album and stick to it. Don’t overembellish, mix color and texture schemes, or apply effects randomly throughout the album.

Use image position to create dynamic layouts – try an off-centered position with large margins. Negative space frames your photos, not more photos.

Never go out of style


Keep your color scheme classic: black and white or neutral backgrounds and frame borders let your images shine.

Exception to the rule: if the event was a color riot, design to suit the occasion. Inspire your album by the colours you know your client loves.

Save your style, save time


Once you’ve established your own style, save it. Set up your own custom styles and palettes, create your own go-to library to make more albums your way. It makes presenting options to your client a breeze – one click application to get a new perspective on your layouts.

Judge your book by its cover


Many printing companies let you make photo covers now. Make an emotional impact by using your best portrait, or most dramatic shot. Don’t clutter by retelling the story inside, or offering alternative shots of a portrait session.

Stay organized


Give all your event photos a distinct name – some combo of date and Occasion usually work best. Keep the images in a single folder, and sort them out in Memento. If you like, use Lightroom ratings to presort.

Easy access saves time and prevents confusion.

Add flexibility to your workflow


Don’t over-process or retouch your photos, and never crop them. Memento lets you adjust cropping and zoom, then undo those choices without losing any of the image content.

Apply color effects in Memento, rather than reversioning your images in your editing software. If you do need a little retouching, use Memento’s direct-to-editor feature to fix only the photos that made it into the album, rather than the entire set.

Make it personal


Use text to embellish your book. Song lyrics, poems, recitations or quotes will add context to the album and bring back even more memories.

Offer alternatives to boost your sales


Memento makes it easy to version your albums. Add extra pages, offer additional sizes for bridal party gifts, make wall portraits, and other items. If you don’t need to invest much time, it doesn’t hurt to upsell.