When you want to share your work with current or prospective clients without soliciting their direct feedback, web albums are the way to go.
Create a web album of your best work to share on social media or on your website.
Web albums present your work as 150 DPI resolution jpg renders uploaded to the cloud.
Set a custom background color to complement your designs. Once published, you’ll receive an email with the custom link to the project.
Follow the link to flip through the pages on any browser on any device. The uploads last for 90 days and are free with your Memento subscription.
Update your project as often as you like with new photos and layouts so your newest and best work is featured. Just update the link to keep the presentation fresh.

Web albums offer an excellent way to give your clients a sneak peak of your work. Create a proof book of your recent portraiture session and send it up to the Memento servers as a web album.
Forward the shareable link to your clients – they’ll can flip through the pages admiring your work, and can even share the link with their friends and family.

For prospective clients, create custom sample portfolios to appeal them on a personal level. Create a “best of” album – baby, family, seniors, special events – to appeal directly to their needs.
Add pricing and other details about your offers – you can use Web Albums for one-stop customized marketing. The albums expire in 30 days but take seconds to republish, allowing you to keep your promotional materials fresh.

Visit our Knowledge Base to find out how to create your own Web Albums
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