MementoPix Inc., a company duly incorporated, supports assiduously a privacy policy for the protection of personal information. Also MementoPix designed this policy to protect privacy in accordance with both the Federal Law on Privacy and the Quebec’s Electronic Documents Privacy Act in the private sector.

Scope of the policy

This policy covers all personal information that a member could provide during registration, from an information form or any other form requesting information.

Use of personal information

MementoPix uses your personal information in accordance with the laws to ensure the best possible service to registered members. In no case, do we use the information to sell, exchange or transfer to a third party.

Security of personal information

MementoPix provides a challenging environment and has a secure server infrastructure compliant with industry standards to protect personal information stored on our network.

Use of cookies

It is possible that in some cases that for a proper functioning of the site, we may use cookies. Under no circumstances is personal information associated with cookies. Cookies retain information for easy navigation on the website.

Access and removal of your personal information

MementoPix will remove all personal information of a member upon his request. This operation will force the closure of the member’s account.

Changing the protection policy

MementoPix reserves the right to change at any time this privacy policy. If this is the case, each member will receive an email advising to consult the new policy. For questions regarding the privacy policy information, please contact us.

(Last update on 2017-02-26)