Customize styling in one click

Memento Pro album design software gives you an array of power tools to get your images onto pages in full layouts in the quickest possible manner. If you want to go that extra step to customize your album design, Memento makes that easy too.

Style presets bundle attribute sets for image and text frames, background colors and shapes into one quick-click application. You can restyle a single page or an entire book, setting photos to black & white or sepia, changing frame border widths and colors, updating text fonts and sizes, and applying a background color. Simply click on the style swatch of your choice, and watch your page automatically update to create a new look.

In addition to the presets that are packaged in Memento Pro, you can create your own custom style gallery. Create a custom collection of special looks for your albums, suitable for the type of photography and events you cover. Specialize in country or beach weddings?  Create a style set that complements the natural colors and rustic themes. Do you cover teen events, such as proms, Bar Mitzva and quinceañeras? Make your own electric or candy-colored palettes to match these dance parties. Are you a family portrait photographer renown for creating a special look? Extend your personal touch into the photo products you offer by coordinating your albums to your photography, backgrounds and themes. No other album design software can be tailored to your workflow in such a manner.

The Style editor lets you to designate color attributes for all the components on your pages. Set up separate styling for feature image frames and regular image frames – make your best images pop with custom border colors, widths, corners and opacity. Choose a default color for style-sensitive decorations – watch these smart graphics update automatically if you change your page styling. Text frames can be set to show different fonts, sizes and other attributes for titles, sub-titles and regular text. Choose a default color for your background as well.

Set up a five-color palette so you can get to your colors of choice immediately for fine-tuning individual elements on your page. You can make your albums your own very quickly and consistently when you aren’t hunting for colors.
You’ll always get a consistent look across every page – no more manually setting individual editors to make multiple presents, or keeping a notepad next to your workspace to remind you of your project preferences.