Create a slideshow of your best images packaged in a custom layout to send to your prospective clients or share on social media.
Update your project as often as you like with new photos and layouts so your newest and best work is featured. Simply reupload and share the new link
Slideshows present your work as 150 DPI resolution jpg renders of your spreads, uploaded directly to the cloud
Once published, you’ll receive an email with the custom link to the project. The uploads last for 90 days and are free with your Memento subscription.
They can be viewed on any browser on any device.
The auto-transition frame rate is customisable and you can add a custom background color to complement your designs.

Present your portraiture clientele with a custom link to their private slideshow. They’ll share it with their friends and family, so be sure to add your studio logo to your pages for an added marketing boost.
Take your event photography game to a new level: make a quick project using Memento’s suite of book-building autotools on site, upload it as a slideshow to the cloud to share immediately or even project it at the event. Share the memories as they are happening!

Visit our Knowledge Base to find out how to create Slideshows
Visit our Knowledge Base to find out how to create a quick photo Slideshow