Limit your pre-layout image management to keep your options open. Save time too!

Don’t pre-crop your images:  Keep your images in their native size –  the extra background area might come in handy. You may find that a particular image might make a better full spread background rather than a tight-cropped feature photo. If you’ve pre-cropped the image, you can’t change your mind on shape or placement once you get it to the page. Crop, pan, and zoom your photos on the fly in Memento Pro. For more on cropping – click here.

Avoid color effects: Non-destructive color effects can be added directly in Memento Pro. Don’t waste your time making b&w, sepia or other filter effects. If you try something your clients don’t like, just revert the image instantly to the original photo. Click on the links for more on general effects and image filters.

Don’t over-sharpen images: Images are sharpened within Memento Pro, so avoid double-sharpening them as it may create unwanted artefacts.

Stick with sRGB: Most labs require your output files in sRGB format. Avoid color mismatches – export your images from your image editing software as sRGB to ensure full what-you-see-is-what-you-get in Memento Pro’s working environment and your final output. Note that Memento Pros supports aRGB and ProPhoto format files but auto-converted your images to a sRGB compatible view when added to your projects. All exported projects are rendered as sRGB. (Support for additional color profiles will be available in later versions of the software.)