How it works
Quick-click your photos into separate page groupings based on the event’s natural flow – it’s like editing a film of your special event into scenes. Simply show Memento Pro where the splits should happen: fully designed layouts instantly appear, showcasing your photography while recounting the story of your special event.

Invest your time wisely and build albums the smarter way!

How to build a photo album the traditional way

  • Spend over an hour sorting your collection of photos: rank them, separate them into folders, rename each file to split up events, etc.
  • Import the photos into the software, displaying them by date/time.
  • Drag photos onto pages in small groups OR use an autotool to dump photos onto pages strictly by date/time OR use the same old templates you’ve been using for years.
  • Spend over an hour rearranging the photos to get proper layouts, moving images from page to page to get the chronology correct and to feature your best images.
  • Spend more time customizing your project with background colors, effects, styling on page-by-page basis.
  • Spend more time and money to proof/review your project with your client.
  • Go back to the drawing board if the client proposes changes or requests a new size.

How to build a photo album efficiently with Memento Pro

  • If desired, quickly add image rankings to your photos in your image editor. No sorting or renaming required.
  • Add images to your Memento Pro project. If you want, sort them first by ranking to make sure you’re adding the best images to your album.
  • Use Timeline Mode to view your images chronologically, then click between photos to divide them into page collections. The page collections will instantly appear in fully-designed layouts. Your best ranked images will automatically appear in more prominent frames.
  • If you want, try out new layouts on individual pages using quick layout tools – it’s just one click. Drag single images from one collection to another to break chronology – a new layout will appear on that page.
  • Restyle the album with presets. It’s just one click to change one or all pages.
  • Use Memento Pro’s proofing/review tools at no extra charge. Get immediate feedback.
  • Implement the requested changes in seconds. If you need to resize the project, the layouts will auto-adjust.


Most photo albums are built to tell a story – an event broken down into discrete visual sections on a page-by-page basis. A special event – a wedding, a graduation, a special party – starts at home, moves to one or more venues, and concludes with departing shots. A memorable trip moves from site to site, building little stories at each venue.

When making an album of your memories, you want to preserve the natural chronology of these smaller events. The challenge of creating event-based albums is the process of getting the photos in the right order on the right pages. You could invest hours of time sorting, ranking, renaming and adding photos to – not a rewarding task from a creative or efficiency perspective!

Memento’s Timeline Mode takes the hassle out of the album building process. Your event’s natural chronology of your event are respected, allowing you to build professional quality album layouts in seconds. Just click on your photo collection timeline, and pages appear with your sorted images. It couldn’t be easier. Build more and better product faster, and invest your extra time and income in more rewarding parts of your business.