My name is Marios Iosifides and I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Cyprus.

I used to outsource all my album design needs to freelancers. This workflow was time consuming and sometimes my needs and requirements would not be met: I had to send the work back and forth a couple of times for changes before agreeing on the final design. This process was taking too much time with deadlines running and customers waiting.

Memento Pro really helped to change all that, and reduce the design time to the bare minimum. I am now designing albums by myself in a super-efficient, creative and fun process with no prior experience or training whatsoever.

There is no such thing as not meeting my style and needs anymore, as Memento Pro offers multiple tools to get to my ideal end result. The whole design process adds approximately 1 to 2 hours maximum to my workflow, which is really exciting. The time saving started even from the very first time I ever used the software!

I am a perfectionist who no longer has outsource anything since everything goes through me. This make makes me happy and my clients even happier.

Memento Pro is highly recommended to anyone who is looking to start designing their own albums. Truthfully, this product is what I’ve been missing from my professional arsenal, hands down!