Powerful image spacing control

Consistency is the key to professional photo album design. Memento Pro lets you build photo albums with consistent margins, printer’s guidelines and inter-image spacing, without limiting your ability to customize your pages.

When you start an album, choose from among preset product sizes that will set your margins, safe and bleed guidelines for all pages. Apply custom margins to the top, bottom, edge and gutter of your pages to achieve a personalized look. Once you apply photos into a layout on your pages, the layouts will respect your margins and guidelines. There’s no need to individually position photos on your page. Measured application of guidelines on all pages ensures ensures consistent results across your pages, avoiding amateurish, haphazard image placement.

Other photo album software may provide grid-style guidelines, but a good layout isn’t based on uniform squares. Memento Pro offers instant on-screen alignment guidelines to help position images and text on your pages. As you move one or more image frames on your canvas, guidelines appear to assist you position them relative to each other and your canvas. You’ll know when images are centered to each other, to their edges, and to the page margins. Images will snap to the bleed, safe, and margins, ensuring that you’ll get the look you need. You’ll be able to position images dead-centre to the page and to each other without effort.

Inter-image spacing controls also let you change the distance between adjacent images. Image and text frames magnetically snap to each other on your Memento Pro canvas. Once images share a common snapline, you can change the spacing between them, then apply a new layout to reset the spacing between them. Multi-select a group of images on your page to resize them as a group – the new arrangement will still respect your inter-image spacing settings.


Using margins creatively will make your photo albums distinct from others. Amateurs overcrowd their pages with images, leaving no room for the individual photos to be contemplated.

Try setting an extra-wide top and/or bottom margin to create a dramatic use of negative space on your pages. Be generous with the amount of empty canvas space left around your images – it will make your best photography stand out more. While a jumble of photos is fun for a page or two in your album, featuring your best photos with ample background around them will bring them the focus they require.

Memento Pro will set your margins consistently across your entire album, but you can still customize your margins on individual pages pages, Any images snapped to their margins will redistribute automatically. Experiment with your layouts by dragging one or more margin line on your page. You may find your own personal style.